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Waa, where did I put my body again? Oh hello! Welcome to my home. Don't worry about the mess, I live with two other people (very messy people...) Enjoy your stay! {Tracking the tag thegirlwithapurpletail , I do not own the images and gifs unless otherwise stated.}
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Chocolate Spread = War

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I’m playing virtual villages on my kindle and my population was down to 20, so I grabbed this one guy named Chapa, he’s a ginger (because I really want an island full of gingers but the others keep reproducing without permission) age 59, an adept doctor, master researcher, adept builder,  master farmer, and an adept parent. Anyway, I made him get with all the female on the island have children. Now the population is at 35.

He got 11 women pregnant in less than  minutes. Three of the women had twins.

Now he’s just standing by the group of nursing women and complaining.

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Love Mikasa.



"…. have we met before? And how do you know captain Ackerman?"

"Ahh yes now that you bring that up you seem fimilar. But may I ask why my relations with Miss Ackerman is any of your concern?"

"Because for some reason I keep receiving her messages and she’s very mad about you not spending time with her. Same for Armin." 

She was very concerned for her own health. Was she even in reality anymore? Did Yato do something to her mind? 

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Love Mikasa.


"…. have we met before? And how do you know captain Ackerman?"

"Yes we have, I kissed you against my will-" she still hates whoever did that. "-now go love her and tell your friends to leave me be." 

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Tell the older Eren to tell the younger Eren to talk to me

"Eh?! Why am I always the messenger for this?" 


She’s off to do it anyway. 

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The online review Digibro spreads awareness of just how much anime depends on sales from SO FEW people, how we take it for granted, and how there are so many behind-the-scenes business horror stories that I wasn’t even aware of!  Just be prepared for some really fast talking!

Watch it, for the sake of Digi’s broken foot! 

And if you dig his videos, support him on Patreon, and follow him on the social’z.

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where in the fuck do you live that considers w as a vowel?



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Promotion Time


I got bored so now I’m going to promote some beautiful bitches. 

I suppose you could call this a follow forever thingy but I don’t think you should because I’m probably not going to tag everyone because I’m forgetful and only 75% awake.

thegirlwithapurpletail should be followed because she destroyed a glass building, killing my octopus husband in the process and then left me to go pee, claiming I wasn’t welcomed the bathroom.

sciencewithashield should be followed because she handles all the weird shit i put in her asks/submit box very well.  Also, she has a place on my bookmarks bar right in the middle even though I still don’t remember putting that link up there and suspect she somehow came to my house and did it herself despite the fact she has no idea where I live.

P.S her Tony, Bruce and Steve are amazing in every verse as is her OC on thefallenangelfiona and her human!Hulk on iwasxtheotherguy

it-was-the-necklace-i-swear should be followed because she started American Frost and because I’m almost 100% sure she texted me earlier and I forgot to reply and I’m sorry and I love you and I’m not sure where I left my phone so I’m still not going to reply to that text. Also, what’s not to love about Spyro and Luka.

valentinesxmonster should be followed because she purposely causes me and my muses emotional pain and enjoys it.

whole-armies-turn-and-run should be followed because seriously, what’s not to love about the 11th doctor. Especially this one because I swear every reply I get makes me laugh and Wade fangirl because he’s still in shock about that one time he got to suck face with the Doctor even though even though that was forever ago .

greengownsandgoldstuff should be followed because of the feels man, THE FEELS. If you would like to know what the feels were then click this.

my12percentofamoment should be followed because anyone who’s wonderful Pepper Potts can make my Loki like them as an actual friend and my Bruce fear them deserves to be followed. 

i-dont-kill-orphans should be followed because fuck the feels came on the starter I ever received from them. This by far is my favorite Sleipnir rp blog, and the only one I ever rp’d with but that’s not the point. 

If I continue listing why you should follow everyone then I’ll be typing forever I’m going to list the rest of the amazing people I follow and either RP with or just stalk.

halfblooddemon hadhimontheropes atricksterwithwings he-let-me-fall thefastandinfuriating sonofahulk thesupernaturals goddessoffuckyou ahawkinthevents i-am-chairman frostandfidelity frost-less-mind the-only-reichenbach-hero asgardianamora judgedworthy thunderousodinson rhaegar-thelastdragon  boundinmybones samamandriel overlyenthusasticagent sherlock-the-busy-little-bee coldwinterbarnes alaricseer somanyfrickenmuses greasedupxpieaddict motherofasgard notsantiagolopez brokendeductions lustymellark eli-rochester im-just-the-mechanic

Disclaimer: None of these individuals are actually female dogs.  I just use bitches as a term of endearment because four years of high school can do that to a person.  They are all wonderful young or old people who I would team up with during a zombie apocalypse. Except for Aubree, she’s a Great Dane/Chihuahua hybrid with internet access and a large vocabulary.

//Seems fitting. 

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